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Oct 15, 2019


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Prioritizing and Time Management to Avoid Burnout

Episode 14 - Guest Interview with Melisa Celikel on tips to organize your business and personal life


Melisa Celikel is the owner of Let’s Get You Organized, a consulting company that helps businesses and professionals to improve and enhance their organizational methods.  With extensive experience in human resources, Melisa helps businesses with goal setting tips and strategies for success with her outsourced HR services. She is a master of productivity, time management, and process improvement with a knack for digging deep with leadership teams to hone in on their mission & vision to help them discover their unique differentiators to increase their business profit.

Melisa attended California State University San Marcos where she graduated Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Sociology. She is very active in her hometown of San Diego where she speaks and conducts organizational workshops to help train and educate others in her community.

If you’re looking for tips to get organized, you can subscribe to Melisa’s e-newsletter Make Sht Happen. She also shares other resources including a business organization checklist, an 80/20 rule worksheet and, if you’re looking for guided activities, she performs SWOT Analysis exercises to identify your strengths, weakness, opportunities (for success) and potential threats (of obstacles to overcome).


*** Show Notes ***

In Episode 14, I talk with Melisa Celikel is a professional organizer. In today’s show, we discuss helpful ways to effectively manage your time and prioritize your important tasks as well as tips to help you avoid burnout.


Mentioned during the show:

Toastmaster for public speaking training

Make Sht Happen newsletter


Apps/Tools/Suggestions to manage time

#1 Calendly - a free and premium tool. Enter link into your email signature for easy appointment and meeting scheduling

#2 Toggl a free app – tool used as a timer and stopwatch great for service-based activities that have to track time using this stop-start tool

#3 Track your Key Performance Indicators [34:45 timer – don’t lose your keys]

#4 Google Analytics – make sure that you have the free code added to the back end of your website [36:35 timer]

#5 – Tip to stay focused on your goal/action items


How to connect with Melisa:

Telephone: 619.770.5687



Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest: letsgetyouorganized



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